5 Ways to Keep Students Focused This Spring

The flowers are blooming and the weather is getting warmer; spring is here. Spring is the season where school ends and once the warm weather hits, it can be difficult to get students to focus. Many of them may look at the window at the beautiful weather while others may daydream about their plans this summer. So how can teachers keep students focused for those last … Continue reading 5 Ways to Keep Students Focused This Spring

Game-Based Learning vs Gamification

Game-Based Learning and Gamification are two hot topics surrounding the classroom. They may sound like they are the same thing but in reality they are very different from one another. Game-Based Learning So what is it? It is where there is a game that is used to help apply principles that were taught. There are specific goals or learning outcomes for the end result of the … Continue reading Game-Based Learning vs Gamification

Reward Students in the Classroom

  Being rewarded when we were younger was always exciting. Sometimes it would be a Jolly Rancher for answering a question correctly or a certificate at the end of the year for getting on the Honor Roll. Each of those rewards were exciting and gave motivation to continue those actions to receive the reward again. Throughout the school year there are countless opportunities to reward students … Continue reading Reward Students in the Classroom