Reward Students in the Classroom

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Being rewarded when we were younger was always exciting. Sometimes it would be a Jolly Rancher for answering a question correctly or a certificate at the end of the year for getting on the Honor Roll. Each of those rewards were exciting and gave motivation to continue those actions to receive the reward again.

Throughout the school year there are countless opportunities to reward students for their actions. They can be rewarded for having good grades, having good attendance, working well with other, and the list goes on. Not only are there endless reasons as to why a student can be rewarded but there is also a never ending list of how to reward them for those actions. It is good to let students know that they are doing a good job so that they continue keeping up those good grades or working well with other students.

An example of one of these opportunities is having a student of the week or month based off of predetermined criteria. The reward for getting the student of the week could be giving the student certain privileges such as getting to be first in line to go to recess  and/or lunch. Another option is giving them a certificate in addition to the special privileges. Then, the student can have something to go home and hang up on their fridge so everyone can see how well they are doing in school.

student reward

Another opportunity is rewarding students for their participation. Getting students to participate in the discussions or to answer a problem on the board can be difficult.  Giving out participation points for answering a question, whether it is right or wrong, can boost classroom participation. Having boosted classroom participation can help students understand concepts and information on a higher level because there was more of a discussion about it. The furthered discussion can also answer an unasked question that a student was too scared or shy to ask.

Rewarding students with privileges, certificates, or classroom participation points are only a few of the many ways students can be rewarded. A different way to let them know they are on the right track, whether it be with homework or working well with others, is to discuss how well they are doing. Letting each student know directly and specifically can encourage the student to continue those actions. If a teacher specifically tells a student what they did right, such as staying quiet during reading time, the student knows exactly why they are being praised.

Choosing how to reward students can be difficult or really easy depending on the person. Either way there are a vast amount of ways to thank your students for doing a good job and to let them know they are on the right track.

What is your favorite way to reward your students? Leave a message in the comments talking about how you reward your students!


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