5 Ways to Keep Students Focused This Spring

Blank Book Flower

The flowers are blooming and the weather is getting warmer; spring is here. Spring is the season where school ends and once the warm weather hits, it can be difficult to get students to focus. Many of them may look at the window at the beautiful weather while others may daydream about their plans this summer. So how can teachers keep students focused for those last few months of the school year?

Re-Focusing the Class with Games

When the weather is warm and students are unfocused, a great way to get their attention is to get everyone up on their feet and play a short game.  By having a few different games on hand you can get everyone focused and back on task.

Fun Outside with Flowers

Another option is to go outside. Students [and teachers] already want to be outside enjoying the nice weather after the cold winter weather. Create an activity that can be done outside so everyone can enjoy the weather but still get work done. A great example of something that can be done outside is having students plant flower seeds to see how the flower grows . Teachers can bring their students out weekly or biweekly to see how it is growing. Then during the last few weeks of school students can make their own books showing how the plant has grown.

Jellybean Fun

Teachers can also bring jellybeans into the classroom for some fun math lessons. They can be taught ides such as estimation, probability, and addition. These math lessons can be given to students from 5th grade all the way to 12th grade!

Kites in the Classroom

From geography class to health class there are ways to teach students about kites . Teachers can start off the lesson with a fun quiz and then continuing with a lesson related to what subject they teach. Then at the end of the lesson teachers could bring students outside to fly some kites!

Egg-ceptional Lessons

Lastly, there are many different lesson plans that can include eggs! Math, Geography, Science, and Art can all plan a lesson incorporating eggs! Students can be painting and weighing eggs in these fun lesson plans. These are great to do around Easter since many people paint eggs and hunt for some eggs during that time.

Spring Fun in the Classroom

As you can see there are many different ways to keep students focused this Spring and have fun during these lessons! Even with the warm weather and the thought of summer vacation students can stay focused while in class.

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