Avoiding the End of Year Madness

Avoiding the End of Year Madness

Spring break has probably just ended or recently ended for many teachers and there still is a lot of time before the school year is over. There is a lot of time to teach students and give tests and projects. But, just because there is a lot of time left doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing for the end of the year.

Preparing early for the end of the school year will have your classroom in good shape and reduce end of the year stress. So what do start on first? Here are some great ideas to help you be prepared for the end of school.

  • Don’t procrastinate. First and foremost starting early will help you avoid this. Don’t put off the end of school year tasks till the last minute. Right now is a great time to start planning when you want to handle different tasks. For example, the taking down of classroom decorations and collecting books or different equipment students have such as calculators.
  • Before you start taking down any classroom decorations take pictures and/or a video of your classroom. That way when you come back in the summer to get your classroom ready for the new school year you can look back on how you had your room set up.
  • When you are getting rid of old items that weren’t used look for ways to reuse or recycle them. Old magazines can be given to the art department and unneeded paperwork (double…no triple check this is unneeded) can be recycled.
  • Plan for the end of the school year. Are you giving out certificates or awards to your students? Are you planning an end of the school year party? These are two things that you can start planning now. That way you can order certificates with plenty of time to decide who to give them to and have plenty of time to find all of the items/decorations needed for that end of the year party.
  • The end of the year means that you could have one or more days of free time. Having movies and games on hand can be a great resource if you have a day where you don’t have anything else to give your students to work on.

Having the end of the school year planned out will be very helpful once it gets to crunch time. Plus, if you plan things out right you can have everything done/planned to be done after the last day of school!

Let us know what you think of this post! Do you have any other things you like to plan out for the end of the year?


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