Using Minecraft in the Classroom

Minecraft for the ClasRecently the creators of Minecraft released that they have designed a Minecraft application for the classroom. This will be available in the summer for teachers to download and see what the experience is like. Minecraft is already very prevalent in the classroom but if you don’t have it yet here is what to know about it before this new version is released.

The Basics

The game has a very simple concept. It is a role playing game where the user created the world they are playing in and tries to survive the different scenarios that occur throughout the game. Minecraft is made up of cubes and the users either build with these cubes to make structures or they can dig into the cubes.

The Learning

So, how can this help students learn? Minecraft can help students in so many different areas of learning. In general, students will learn problem solving, develop a higher level of thinking, and learn critical thinking. This game isn’t like the other role playing games where students get to be part of the experience. Students create the whole experience while they are in Minecraft. To survive students will need to figure out what is the right choice for their particular situation or else the game could be over for them. They have to learn proportions and measurements to create the buildings they want. They learn about survival and what goes along with it. Students can work in teams to survive the game which is a great way to promote partnership and collaboration. They will also learn visualization because they are having to create their own world. Reading comprehension is needed to follow along with the game so students learn to master this skill effectively.

The Application

Can this apply to specific subjects? Of course, history teachers can have students create their own world to mimic the time period they are studying. Math teachers can focus on having student effectively create buildings by learning measurements and applying that to proportion the buildings effectively. These are only two examples of how Minecraft can be used within particular subjects. There are so many resources showing how they can be applied to a certain subject and even how it can be used to meet the Common Core standards. Teachers even have blogs dedicated solely to using Minecraft in the classroom.

The Game

Minecraft is a great tool to use in the classroom. It can be a great way to supplement the course material and help promote student growth. The new Minecraft for education will allow teachers to create specific servers for their class and how it is interacting with this students.

Do you use Minecraft in the classroom? If so, are you excited to the release of the Minecraft for Education? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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